• Open Source

    We have created jCardSim – the only complete, commercial-grade open source Java Card simulator available on the market. The project has won the Duke's Choice Award. Developers worldwide use it to accelerate development and simplify testing of their Java Card applications.
  • People

    Members of our engineering team possess decades of experience in the creation of embedded systems for clients in Banking and Finance, Healthcare.
  • Peace of Mind

    Our solutions protect your software against unauthorized and illegal use, reverse engineering, and malicious tampering. From license management to obfuscation to integrity control, we've got you covered.

Our Services

We specialize in the development of embedded solutions based on Java and Java Card technologies: payment systems, access control and integrated security systems, etc., and provide advice to ISVs that need to protect their products from licensing policy violations.
  • Java Card & NFC

    We have a proven track record in successful implementation of projects based on Java Card and NFC technologies. Our competence ranges from embedded hardware intricacies all the way to data center technologies such as Java EE application servers, databases, high availability systems, etc.

    Please contact us to request the complete company profile and references.

  • IP/Data Protection

    The abundance of development tools, libraries, and educational materials available for a popular platform inevitably goes hand in hand with the abundance of decompilers, automatic crackers, and malware toolkits. The ease of IP theft and the ubiquity of the platform make Android apps an especially attractive target for malicious competitors and hackers.

    We can conduct a security audit of your Android applications and provide recommendations on protecting your intellectual property and your end users' data, so as to prevent losses from piracy and reputation damage.


DexProtector 10 Released

DexProtector Studio Released

DexProtector 9.7 Released

DexProtector 9.5 Released

DexProtector 9.3 Released

Stringer 9.1.9 Released

DexProtector 9.1 Released

DexProtector 9 Released

Tips and Tricks for the new D8 Compiler from our R&D Team

Let's meet at Google I/O 2018

The new D8 dexer and R8 optimizer are now supported by DexProtector

Stringer Java Obfuscator 9 with Official Java 9 Support Released

DexProtector 8.1.31 Released

DexProtector 8.1 Released

Licel Corporation Launches DexProtector Crypto Module Security Platform for Mobile Payment and Wallet Applications

DexProtector 8 and DexProtector Crypto Module are now available

jCardSim GP Released

Licel announces its Software Emulated Secure Element - Secure Execution Environment.

Stringer Java Obfuscator 3 Released

DexProtector 7.1.12 Released

DexProtector 7.0.9 Released

DexProtector 6.5.7 Released

DexProtector 6.5.5 Released

Stringer Java Obfuscator 2.5.15 Has Been Released

DexProtector 6.3.15 Released

Stringer Java Obfuscator 2.1.3 Has Been Released

DexProtector 6.1.1 Released

Stringer Java Obfuscator 1.9.23 Released

DexProtector 6.0.9 Released

DexProtector 6.0.0 Has Been Released

DexProtector 5.0.9 with Experimental Apache Cordova/PhoneGap Support Released

Commercial subscription is now available for jCardSim

Our session at JavaOne 2015 San Francisco

Security highlights from Droidcon Berlin

Licel is a startup sponsor of droidcon Berlin 2015

DexProtector 5.0.7 Released

Stringer 1.8.11 Released

DexProtector 5.0.0 Released

DexProtector 4.9.6 Released

DexProtector 4.9.5 Released

Licel's session at DroidCon Moscow 2014

Stringer 1.6.7 Released

Licel's talk at Mobius Developer Conference in St. Petersburg

DexProtector 4.9.0 Released

DexProtector 4.8.0 Released

DexProtector 4.7.0 Released

DexProtector 4.6.0 Released

Our Google+ account

The jCardSim won Duke's Choice 2013 Award

DexProtector 4.5.0 released

The new version of jCardSim released

Stringer Java Obfuscator 1.5.1 (Cervantes) Released

Our paper at JavaOne Moscow 2013


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